Hello Advent

Advent has started and brought beautiful winter and snow to the cottage. Our Christmas tree is already beautifully lit, the cottage is already decorated, and in addition to the winter drink menu, we have also added some winter treats:
  • Cabbage soup – cabbage soup with meat and meat sausage served with toasted sourdough bread
  • Greased lokša – we brougt those super tasty lokša salty pancakes from Slovenský Grob again together with excellent goose fat
  • Lokša with duck meat – salty Slovak flour and potato pancake greased with goose fat, filled with pulled duck meat and red cabbage with apples
  • Lokša with sweet filling – Slovak flour and potato pancake with sweet poppy-jam filling is a great winter desert
  • American pancakes with vanilla filling – three american pancakes filled with vanilla cream, topping and whipped cream on the side

Shssh! And we also have a Christmas dreaft beer from Žiwell brewery. The name is Perníček (Gingerbread) and it’s 22° but it’s so easy to drink. If you plan to taste it, be sure to stop by, it’s limited edition.