Winter menu is here

Although it’s still too warm outside to think about Christmas, it’s coming unstoppably. We enjoyed the autumn Pumpkin spice lattes and it’s time to warm up with something spicier. We pulled out our proven winter classics, but added a new hot cocktail. Vanilla cream was combined with 10-year-old Ararat brandy and the Dukatová buchtička cocktail was created. We have also changed and improved the Hot buttered whiskey recipe, which is being replaced by a rum version. To make the drink more pleasant and the taste to be fuller, we used the fat washing method, thanks to which you will not have a greasy smile from butter and the cocktail will be much more interesting. We also kept the Hot Aperol Spritz from Halloween, which has an even more interesting composition than the classic summer version.
Our Christmas tree is still waiting for its moment, but as soon as we bring our annual Vincenzo to the cottage, we will inform you on our social networks. Make sure to come again for our tasty punch in alcoholic and non-alcoholic version or for other winter drinks.
  • Chai masala latte – a spicy drink made from a mix of spices that we prepare in our kitchen with warm milk and spiced syrup
  • Cottage tea (also with rum) – herbal tea from the High Tatras with lemon juice and syrup, just ask for rum to it for more warmth
  • Ginger tea – our strong tea made from fresh ginger, spices and orange juice
  • Ginger shot – it is not alcoholic drink, but it is a pleasantly pungent and sweet shot of ginger, extracts of elderflowers, primrose and raisins, which will warm you up
  • Christmas punch (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) – our homemade alcoholic or non-alcoholic punch, rich and pleasantly sweet in both versions
  • Mulled wine – red, rose or white
  • NEW: Hot Aperol Spritz – Aperol, white wine, apple juice, orange juice with cloves and cinnamon, sweetened with honey
  • Chocolate gingerbread liqueur – our homemade liqueur made from Belgian chocolate and gingerbread spices
  • IMPROVED: Hot buttered rum – warms you up with the first sip – this is hot fat washed rum with star anise and cinnamon
  • Liquid strudel – apple cinnamon strudel in the form of a cream cocktail
  • NEW: Dukátová buchtička – warm vanilla cream with 10 y. o. Armenian brandy Ararat
  • Mead – mead from Trnava, heated or unheated, one shot or rather more 🙂
  • Turbomušt – a hot pear alcoholic drink that bring up your smile instantly
  • Alcoholic hot chocolate with coconut – hot milk Belgian chocolate with coconut Tatratea

Come to see us! Don’t worry about the weather either, our stove will warm you up.

We are looking forward!