Pumpkins and ghosts will be the main theme at our little bistro during the next weekend (29 and 30 of October). Let’s celebrate Halloween, All Saints’ Day, Remembrance of the Dead or All Souls’ Day. All these days are among the memorial days dedicated to those who have passed away.In Slovakia, respect for the dead has a very strong tradition and its roots can be found in pagan times. People visit cemeteries, place wreaths or flowers on graves and light candles.
This custom has its origin in the Celtic tradition – the Samhaim holiday, which was celebrated on the day of the Celtic New Year, which fell on November 1. According to Celtic tradition, Samhain was a time when the souls of the dead would return home and their relatives help them on their way to the underworld with lanterns made from hollowed out beets. To protect themselves from evil spirits, people would dress in rags and paint their faces. The Samhain holiday is the most similar to Halloween in its nature and signs, celebrated on the evening of October 31.
Christianity took over this custom and gave it new content in the form of All Saints’ Day (November 1) and All Souls’ Day – Remembrance of the Dead (November 2). According to Celtic tradition, the worlds of the dead and the living intersect on this night. The Celts lit fires so that the dead souls would find their way to the dwellings of the living, so that they could warm themselves and spend the night with their family and friends.
Today, candlelight becomes a symbol of life. During the Samhain night, the Celts burned mannequins as a symbol of sickness, sorrow and worries so that they could start the New Year cleansed.

At the cottage we will prepare a nice Halloween decoration for you with pumpkins, bats and ghosts. We’ll light candles and remember those we carry in our hearts. Of course, it cannot be done without Halloween cakes and other treats.

We will be looking forward to seeing you!

PS: the cottage will also be open on Monday (October 31) and Tuesday (November 1) from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.