Fall drinks

It’s absolutely clear that summer said goodbye and the weather is pretty cold. That is the opportunity to visit our bistro and warm up by our stove. Pick something yummy from our fall menu:

  • pumpkin spice latte – our latte with pumpkin puree, pumpkin syrup, our blend of spices topped with whipped cream and lotus biscuit topping
  • gingerbread latte – latte with biscuit paste, gingerbread syrup topped with whipped cream and lotus biscuit topping
  • chestnut latte – latte with chestnut syrup topped with whipped cream and chestnut paste sprinkles
  • coconut latte – latte with coconut syrup, whippped cream and crunchy coconut chips
  • chai masala latte – sweet spiced beverage made of blackk tea, our homemade blend of spices and masala syrup
  • cinnamon honey coffee by Betka– cinnamon honey milk coffee with the power of double espresso
  • cottage tea -sweet herbal tea made from loose tea blend from High Tatras, try also our alcoholic version with rum
  • ginger tea – strong tea made from fresh ginger, orange juice and spices
  • ginger shot – non alcoholic shot to made you warm from ginger, extracts of elderflowers, primrose and raisins
  • alcoholic coconut hot chocolate – Belgian hot milk chocolate with Tatratea coconut