It’ finally warm oustide

This is what we’ve been waiting for. It has warmed up and that’s why we already have a spring offer. We are again serving matcha lattes in different versions, since you liked it so much last year. However, we have added new ones. We swapped the brown sugar syrup latte for a fantastic matcha latte with thick toffee caramel sauce. And we also added a Taro matcha latte. Its purple color is because of the milk which is colored it with purple taro root powder. It has a mild starchy chestnut taste. Don’t be afraid to taste it!

Our spring offer:

  • MATCHA LATTE – a milk drink with matcha tea
  • STRAWBERRY MATCHA LATTE – matcha latte with strawberry puree
  • MANGO MATCHA LATTE – matcha latte with mango puree
  • CARAMEL MATCHA LATTE – matcha latte with caramel toffee sauce
  • TARO MATCHA LATTE – matcha latte with purple taro root powder
  • ORANŽÁDA – our fresh sparkling orange drink made from orange juice
  • GINGER SHOT – a warming non-alcoholic shot made from ginger, extracts of elderflowers, primrose and raisins
  • GINGER TEA – strong tea made from fresh ginger, orange juice and spices
  • COTTAGE TEA – sweet herbal tea from a loose mixture from the Tatras, we recommend the alcoholic version
  • HOT GREPJAK – hot drink made from grapefruit juice, jasmine-orange syrup and lemon juice, also in an alcoholic version with sea buckthorn Tatratea

See you! 🙂