Summer is here!

The holidays have arrived and in addition to being open for you every day except Monday, we also bring our iced drinks.

  • ICED MATCHA LATTE – cold milk drink with matcha tea, enjoy a classic, strawberry, mango or brown sugar version
  • ICED LATTE – latte on ice with double espresso
  • COCONUT-CARAMEL ICED LATTE – latte on ice with double espresso, liquid caramel, coconut milk and whipped cream
  • LOTUS ICED COFFEE – iced coffee with double espresso, Lotus cream and milk
  • ESPRESSO TONIC – double espresso on a refreshing tonic drizzled with homemade simple syrup
  • ESPRESSO ON ORANGES – try an interesting combination of double espresso with cold-pressed orange juice
  • COLD BREW – coffee made by steeeping ground coffee several hours in cold temperature, served black or with coconut milk
  • ORANŽÁDA – our fresh sparkling Oranžáda made from cold pressed orange juice
  • HOMEMADE ROOIBOS ICED TEA – our iced tea made from rooibos tea and chia seeds
  • MIMOZA – prosecco and orange juice
  • APEROL SPRITZ – a refreshing orange cocktail made of prosecco, Aperol and soda, also in a non-alcoholic version
  • HUGO – a refreshing cocktail made of prosecco, elderberry syrup and soda, also in a non-alcoholic version
  • ALMOND – prosecco, almond and jasmine-orange syrup, soda, also in non-alcoholic version

Enjoy the summer and come for a drink!