We’re celebrating love!

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so we decided to dedicate the next two weekends to love(February 11, 12 and 18, 19).

Let’s create a cozy and heart melting atmosphere at the cottage together. Even though we will celebrate love only on this weekend, if you’ve already met our team, you know that everything we do, we do for you with love in our hearts all year round. Not only in February 🙂 But why not remember how great it is to like or love someone and even more great when someone gives us that mellow feeling back. Celebrate this emotion that keeps us together, come and have some cuddles at our cottage and of course have a cake and coffee!

To make this weekend somehow special, we have prepared few Valentine’s treats for you.

Try our Valentine’s menu:

  • WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE? – we combined white rum, coconut milk and blueberry puree into a delicious sweet cocktail
  • RUBY CHOCOLATE – hot ruby chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows, try an alcoholic version with coconut Tatratea
  • PINK GIN TONIC – strawberry gin, tonic and magical surprise
  • PINK BUBBLES – what happens when you pour pink Prosecco over a sugar cloud? …try and have Pink bubbles and find out 🙂
  • VALENTINE’S LATTE – this weekend we are serving cafe latte dressed in pink

We will be looking forward to seeing you as always, bring your girlfriend, boyfriend, mother or father, sister or brother, dog, friend, cat, rabbit, cousin… anyone you love. And if you feel lonely, it’s the right time to come among all of us kind people.